Welcome to the Zanzibar OpenIVR Project

Zanzibar OpenIVR is a complete, standards based, open source IVR. It contains a MRCPv2 Server with the Sphinx4 ASR engine and FreeTTS speech synthesizer. It has a voiceXML interpreter so that you can deploy and run voiceXML applications. It can be integrated with a VOIP PBX (like Asterisk) using SIP and RTP VOIP standards.

  • You can use openIVR to voice enable your existing Asterisk PBX.
  • You can deploy Asterisk and openIVR together to voice enable your web applications.
  • You can deploy and run VoiceXML applications.
  • You can write and deploy speech applications in java using the MRCP4j library.

Latest News

Zanzibar open IVR v0.1 Released - February 16, 2009

Zanzibar open IVR project team is proud to introduce an alpha version of the first fully open source IVR. Zanzibar is a standards based speech recognition IVR with a MRCPv2 server that allows you deploy voiceXML applications. Zanzibar integrates with IP PBX using SIP and RTP standards.

Get Zanzibar openIVR

The latest version of openIVR can be downloaded here.

After installation of openIVR please see the Getting Started Guide for instructions on starting up the openIVR server processes and running the demos.